Stages of development of the site

Creating a site starts with filling the brief and ends with the delivery of the project. But cooperation with the customer continues after this. Under further joint work involves maintenance of the website or its support.

For the success of the project is very important to quickly find a complete rapport between the staff and the customer web developers.

Also of great importance strict implementation of agreed time vyponeneniya all stages of development of the site.

1. Development of site structure
2. Development of a unique design concept
3. Layout graphic layout of the site
4. Filling the site text information
5. Domain name registration, hosting
6. Setting Access statistics
7. Ņesting site
8. The final delivery of the project

We understand that creating a website is a new stage in the development of your company and very Heed to your needs!

We are ready to quickly go through all the stages of development of the site!!!