Types of sites

Site mini

This is the simplest version of the site, the purpose of which is already reflected in its name. Site designed, to as much as a simple and understandable way to become acquainted with the activities of the company, product range or list of services provided. Typically, these solutions use highly specialized companies that do not require regular updating of their site on the Internet.

Site firm

This kind of web sites is quite different from the previous one, since there are already a lot more information is presented. On such sites, typically contains sections where detail the products or services that are provided to a specific firm. This type of project is optimally suitable for both small organizations and large companies with a wide variety of goods and services.

Site business

Web site development for companies operating in the field of active sales, implies a special account the specifics of the activity. Since these projects are generally lacking any rigid or restrictive framework, the customer is free to give your imagination a free hand and get their hands on a product that will simply be an indispensable tool in the process of doing business.

Internet shop

Site development companies doing trading activities through the Internet, means not just creating online resource that will advertise products or services. Such a website should provide all the features online magazina where visitors will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the characteristics of the goods, to study his pictures, to order and follow the process of its implementation.

Corporate website

This solution is ideal for corporations that wish to have at their disposal a rich variety of information, interesting, dynamic online resource. Of course they are more difficult to develop than websites, business cards, but returns are much higher. They are visited by more popular. And given the fact that the development of such solutions we initially apply search engine optimization mechanisms, these websites will always be located in a priority position in any search engine.