Сontextual advertising

A type of online marketing that uses text ads to appear on search engines and third-party sites. The key difference and at the same time the advantage of context over other types of online advertising is that your ad is shown only to the target audience. The interest of users is determined by their search queries, as well as by the subject of web pages where such advertising is displayed. Web Studio 009 works with such popular search engines in Ukraine as Google Ads.

Display ad

The type of Internet marketing, which is your banner, photo or video material posted on the sites of Web Studio 009. The purpose of such advertising is not so much the intensification of traffic on the site as increasing brand awareness, building a loyal audience, strengthening the image of the company. In other words, a media campaign is more prestigious than practical. Web studio 009 accompanies all stages of display advertising - from creating a banner to placing it.

Thematic advertising

One of the effective tools of Internet marketing, which is manifested in the coverage of the company in thematic catalogs, information portals. Placing your site will not only attract attention, but will also allow you to find new markets. Subject advertising automatically increases loyalty to you from existing and potential customers.