Landing page

Landing page — that encourages the visitor to take a specific action. Such an action may be a purchase of goods, ordering a service, recording an event, subscribing to a newsletter, etc..

Traditionally, a landing page is considered to be one long page. In fact, this is not always the case: the number of pages is not fundamentally significant. The main characteristics of the landing are: concentration on the solution of the main problem (the conversion action that the visitor must perform), time limit (often they are created for an event or for sale), several characteristic structural elements.

What is a landing page made of? The basic structure of the landing page contains:

  • title,
  • call to action,
  • lead form.

Everything else is additional elements with which you can (and should) convince the visitor to perform the target action. For this, design and marketing solutions are used: beautiful photographs, video presentations, a detailed description of the benefits, reviews, discounts, etc.