Why do we need cheat a stream?


Not everyone knows why you need a cheat on the stream. In our article we consider the main reasons for this need.

So, why we need a cheat on the stream:

  1. to enter the TOP - the task of any uploaded video is to occupy the top positions in the output of the search string. You can do this naturally (thoroughly work out the content, take care of the quality of shooting, pre-heat the audience) or artificially (cheat viewers through a special site stream-promotion.ru/en). The second method is "doping" for the first and allows to rationalize efforts;
  2. for active communication during the broadcast - the more users follow the stream, the more active chat is. The activity of communications also affects the material positions in the search results, so it will not be superfluous to improve this indicator;
  3. to increase the number of subscribers - the more YouTubers viewed the stream, the more followers there will be at the channel. But here the content and quality of the proposed content is also important. After all, if the material is unsuitable, cheated viewers will not subscribe to the channel;
  4. increasing the popularity of the channel on YouTube. Well, the end result is a significant increase in recognition, an increase in the popularity of your "brainchild". This is also the authority and good reputation that ultimately leads to income;
  5. exit to Recommended - Video hosting algorithms constantly analyze hosted content. The materials that have gained the most views and "likes" are placed in user recommendations, which provides an additional increase in views and activity in general.

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